Empowering Abundant Leadership: overcoming resistance

“Our strength is in a system, not heroes.
A heroic, high-minded system.”
Eric Garland

It’s the cry of every change management expert in the world: “We need to overcome resistance to change.
But what does that mean for frontline staff?

People tell us they need –

  • to feel safe to change
  • Tools and ways to address challenges
  • To try out new ways of working, before rushing headlong
  • To embed better management and leadership practices

This isn’t the preserve of the individual leader; there’s an organizational need to provide the means to develop, and the environmental need for a culture in which that development can succeed.
It’s not one thing or another; it’s all these elements.
Then, people can be fulfilled and organizations can be more successful.
Much as we’d like there to be, there’s no magic ‘step-by-step checklist’ of things to do.

We see our role in #NoCapeRequired as that of getting you thinking, hopefully talking, and ultimately getting into action around individual and organizational leadership development needs.
Developing an abundance of leadership is at the heart of transformation. If we’re going to upskill leaders and managers, we all need to know what works. And knowing what works creates an abundance of leadership and a reduced reliance on individual hero figures.

We need the courage to transform: transform our own leadership, support, and empower others. We need the determination to enable a higher performing leadership culture in our organizations.
Courage is usually seen as the epitome of the hero leader. But we’re asking you not to be a lone hero.
We’re asking you to find allies so that you make change, and move forward, together.